NPL | Amsterdam

Interior Gardens, Landscape Design

Architect: Benthem & Crouwel

Green Architect: MOSS

Location: Amsterdam

Construction Year: 2018

Project: Biophilic design in the interior, outdoor terraces, and outdoor entrance landscape

Construction:  De Koninklijke Ginkelgroep

Photo credits:  Jordi Huisman


Another new and amazing building opened in Amsterdam. Located close to the ‘Zuid-as’, Benthem & Crouwel expanded and renovated an existing building instead of designing a new one. By using the newest and most cutting-edge sustainability techniques, this building of the Goede Doelen Loterijen will be an almost completely energy-neutral building. It received the prestigious ‘Outstanding’ BREEAM rating. 

MOSS was asked to join the design process to integrate nature into the building as well. The building is surrounded and filled with green through several indoor gardens, outdoor terraces, and a green landscape at the entrance of the building. The roof is more than a visually stunning addition to the building: with its 2.400 m2 of solar panels, it also serves as a significant source of sustainable energy. The roof collects rainwater that is subsequently used to irrigate the roof gardens and to supply the sprinkler and flushing systems. 

With this project, more people will work in a green environment, which is proven to have a positive impact on productivity, health, and air quality.


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