Interior Gardens, Landscape Design


Client: Miro
Location: Austin, TX
Design Year: 2022
Construction Year: 2023
Project: Miro office, Colorado Tower
Interior architect: M Moser Associates
Parties involved: Rand Construction Corporation, Epic Project management, Green Oasis, Blackland Collaborative, Lady Bird Wildflower Center, Plantinum

Photo credits: Fine Focus Photography

Miro’s collaborative whiteboarding solution now has more than 25M users worldwide with more than 100,000 client organizations, including 95% of the Fortune 100. The company’s expansion to the Colorado Tower will make room for the Austin team, which doubled between 2020 and 2022. The 17th and 18th floors of the tower uniquely feature two outdoor decks, a stunning view, and a grand internal staircase binding Sales, Marketing, Customer Success, Operations, Legal, and People Excellence teams together.
“Miro leaders and employees love it because it’s an inspiring place to learn, grow, and drive change — which is one of our core values at Miro. We’re excited to bring even more opportunities to the market in the coming months.” – Andrey Khusid, Co-founder and CEO of Miro


After greening Miro’s Amsterdam office and setting out Miro-specific green design standards earlier in 2022, MOSS was impelled to build off the partnership and continue working with Miro and M Moser Associates to bring high-scale nature to the new space in Austin, Texas.

Hosting Mironeers around the globe in online focus-group sessions, MOSS kick-started and validated the project’s concept together with future office users and Miro leadership. Flexibility, cocoons, high-volume green, and local were key themes arising from the sessions. The outcomes were incorporated into the preliminary design and eventually formed the outcomes for the final green master plan.


The botanical staircase garden adds vibrancy to the space and sets the tone for all visitors. Seen from the entrance and also from above, stands a grand Wodyetia bifurcata Palm integrated into the stair’s podium and stretching between the two floors. Walking up the staircase, hanging and climbing plants wander around the steel structure permitting the visitor a closer connection to the plants.

Throughout the office are a series of moveable modules MOSS developed for Miro. Wheeling the units around, it is possible to establish seating areas, enclosed meeting spaces, and quiet cocoons; the green modules complement Miro’s drive for change.


The two terraces invite visitors to step outside where local and hardy East Texas specimens thrive throughout the seasons and strengthen synergies between the indoor and outdoor spaces. The gardens present themselves with grasses, xeric plantings, bulbs, and flowering shrubs. With the balance of landscape and hardscape, MOSS’s design features a winding path, and plentiful spots for working, socializing, and resting.


Taking extreme heat, frost, drought, and sun reflection into account, MOSS studied the site’s conditions with local partners including the Blackland Collaborative and The Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center to develop a biodiverse and local species list that strives to attract the surrounding Austin wildlife to the Colorado Tower.


Through its many layers from the indoor gardens to the outdoor terrace landscapes, Miro ATX beats with biophilia and honors a recoupling to nature through the office landscapes’ highly abundant and lush variations that accommodate various functionalities to meet the needs of Miro’s workplace.