JetBrains | Munich

Interior Gardens

Client: JetBrains

Interior Architect: D/DOCK

Green Architect: MOSS

Location: Munich, Germany 

Construction Year: 2020

Project: Biophilic design in the interior

Construction green:

Parties involved: Gruschwitz GmbH


“Developer Tools for Professionals and Teams – Code is our Passion.”


JetBrains strives to have the strongest and most efficient developer tools in the world. By optimizing tasks and eliminating repetition, the work of Jetbrains enables developers to work faster and more efficient. “Clean” and “Quality” are two words to describe the work of JetBrains. Today, JetBrains employs nearly 1000 employees over 6 offices and works with 1.5 million customers around the world.


At MOSS, we were asked to play a role in the process of impactful biophilic solutions to support a healing environment for the JetBrains’ Munich office. MOSS worked alongside interior architect D/DOCK to create an office space that speaks to Jetbrains’ nature affinity. Our starting point was to create a healthy green environment for the employees to move and work in. Working with interior themes and selecting plants that match this feeling manifested a unique identity on each floor.


The JetBrains Munich office is 7 stories high and covers 12,000 m2 in total. Throughout the office, we playfully incorporated green to add softness and unity, and even to serve as a complementary color in the design color palet. Other rules we considered:


  1. The theme’s on each floor lead the green design
  2. The plants create quiet and private workspaces for employees
  3. The green is sustainable in maintenance
  4. Air purifying plants are essential
  5. Plants are placed as much as possible in natural light, to avoid the use of grow lights
  6. Allergens are taken into consideration