Central Park | Utrecht

Interior Gardens

Architect: Group A

Green Architect: MOSS

Location: Utrecht

Design Year: 2017 

Construction Year: 2021

Project: Tropical indoor garden

Parties involved:  Bouwinvest, JLL, Angelo Gorden

Construction: De Koninklijke Ginkelgroep

Photo credits: Jordi Huisman


Precisely halfway up a 23-story-high building in the heart of Utrecht, MOSS designed a 500m2 indoor oasis, endorsing the development’s name: Central Park. Azorian flora was the starting point of inspiration within this project. This flora consists of the Atlantic, the Mediterranean, cosmopolitan (occurring all over the world), and tropical species. In total, about 50 trees and shrubs, and 1,500 plants were installed along with a flowing stream, as access to water next to the presence of plants also reportedly reduces stress.

With this tremendous green gesture, MOSS and GroupA architects manifest an unequivocal contribution to the world of architecture and design, setting the bar for green buildings and our living environment. The design is built upon scientific data that reveals the positive effect nature has on both our physical and mental conditions. Plants provide fresh air, a change of scenery and reduce stress, which in turn increases productivity in the workplace, and enhances the way people experience a space.

Credits to an exceptional collaboration with Koninklijke Ginkelgroep, who did an excellent job on the installation of this project.

Video: Vimeo