AIR OFFICES | Rotterdam

Interior Gardens, Landscape Design

Architect: WOMO

Interior Architect: D/DOCK

Green Architect: MOSS

Location: Rotterdam

Design Year: 2020

Construction Year: 2023

Project: Biophilic design in the interior, green roofs, and rooftop terraces

Parties involved:  NEOO, Angelo Gordon, CAIRN

Impression credits: D/DOCK


AIR OFFICES is located in the busy area ‘the Koopgoot’ in the city center of Rotterdam and is situated next to the WTC. Known as a very future-proof mixed-use location, where offices and shops thrive alongside each other. The building was redeveloped into a mixed-use building, with retail and F&B on the ground floor, and office spaces on the top floors. The design has received BREEAM-Excellent certification and is projected to achieve WELL-Gold and WiredScore-Gold certifications. 


The master plan shows an industrial look & feel, with great integration of green to support the welcoming and innovative atmosphere. At MOSS, we were asked to play a role in the process of adding impactful biophilic solutions for the atrium, common areas, bar, and rooftop terraces. With high aims towards biodiversity, ecology, and water storage. By incorporating intensive greenwalls, biophilic planters and water retaining green roofs this building became more livable for humans and animals. Because it is a highly visible building, the green needed to be attractive all year round.

The interior office courtyard was transformed into a new central hub with a connection to nature and public amenities. Planting is present on every level of the atrium to create a connection to nature throughout the building. Internal green walls extend 3 levels, topped with a secondary skylight visible from all office areas.

The themes used within the design Master plan were: ‘Oasis’ and ‘A seamless journey’. In this design, nature was used to connect the indoors with the outdoors, and to guide people through the building.