Westbeat | Amsterdam

Landscape Design

Architect: Studioninedots

Green Architect: MOSS

Location: Amsterdam

Design Year: 2018

Construction Year: 2020

Project: Outdoor courtyard

Parties involved: Lingotto

Construction: De Koninklijke Ginkelgroep


This housing complex in Amsterdam with its sculptural arches is the new hotspot for entrepreneurs and creative people. Deep in the heart of the building lay the hidden gardens of Westbeat. The 150 starters’ apartments are organized around a shared courtyard.
 A courtyard filled with a variety of Mediterranean plants highlighting the diversity of its neighboring people. Following the organic shapes of the promenade, inhabitants walk through different microclimates. This garden embraces lots of green to retain stormwater, improve biodiversity, and reduce reflective sounds. 


  • “Winner Architectural price ‘Gouden Aap’”