Pack | Amsterdam

Landscape Design, Tender

Architect: Koschuch Architects & BurtonHamfelt Urban Architects

Green Architect: MOSS

Location: Amsterdam

Design Year: 2020

Project: Landscape design 

Parties involved:  Ziegler Gautier

Photo/render credits: Proloog


PACK was a combined tender submission. Our design functions to strengthen the ecological connection between the IJ promenade and the Noorderpark. The low level gardens and green roofs function as part of the green lung of Amsterdam Noord. 


When designing this building the goal was to not only create a building for the people of Amsterdam Noord, but also to make a green connection with the neighborhood, using planting that matches the Van der Pek-neighborhood street names (such as Varenweg, Meidoornweg & Sleutelbloemstraat).