Design, Innovation, Interior Green
About This Project

Client: CBRE

Location: Amsterdam

Year: 2018 – 2019

Project: The Core

“The way of working is changing! We work more often and more intensive together with our clients which means, also because of our the nowadays technology we are less depend of our location. Due to this also the functionality of an office changes! “

The CORE will be the newest location of the CBRE office which will also be directly the showcase of this new way of working. The office will show the newest innovations in the fields sustainability, technology, collaboration and health. This also means that is is the perfect showcase how green can be integrated in nowadays office and what functions it can have. In a close collaboration with their design team we have looked into many different ways to apply green in the different spaces. In 2019 the building should be finished and can we see the result!

Read more about this project here (in Dutch)