Floriade Pavilion | Almere

Landscape Design, Tender

Architect: NorthernLight, and Space&Matter

Green Architect: MOSS

Location: Almere

Design Year: 2021

Project: Circular green pavilion

Parties involved:  Brandwacht en Meijer, and GROWx


‘The Tea House, a temple for urban nature’ was the submission for a temporary pavilion at the Floriade 2022, designed by NorthernLight, Space&Matter, and MOSS. With the theme ‘The Voice of Urban Nature’, the designed Tea House pays tribute to urban nature in all its diversity; plants, animals, and people. 


The pavilion is a model for the circular, green city in which nature stands. The Tea pavilion demonstrates in a playful way how architecture and technology can work together with the circular processes of nature. Designed for the central square, it appears as a modern-day variation on the Greek temple where columns of wood merge the inside and outside area. 


Looking through the columns, visitors are curious to explore the pavilion. Visitors can experience how healthy and nutritious crops can be grown within the city, how biowaste can be converted into clean energy and clean water, how rainwater can be collected and filtered, and how ‘bio-based’ materials can be used and re-used to construct buildings that are in harmony with nature. It is there to taste, smell, see, and experience.