EVBox | Amsterdam

Interior Gardens

Architect: D/DOCK

Green Architect: MOSS

Location: Amsterdam

Construction Year: 2020

Project: Green interior gardens, and vertical green planters

Construction:  D/DOCK


“Enter the electric world.”


EVBox is an international developer of electric vehicle charging solutions, with a mission to get the entire world to use electrical transport, a mission towards zero emissions.


With 600 employees in 13 countries, of which more than 350 are located at the Amsterdam HQ, the company grew rapidly over the past 10 years. This required a different internal approach in terms of how to share knowledge and collaborations. D/DOCK designed a completely new office environment in the GoWest building in Amsterdam, where the teams of EVBox can work, spread out over 3 floors, and assemble in a variety of spaces, like the collaboration garden. MOSS designed the green gestures throughout the office building in a mission to bring back our connection with nature in our daily lives. Altogether it has become a healthy office with lots of greenery, warm colors, different workplaces, and spaces to recharge oneself.


The Covid19 pandemic started during the construction of this project, so the team of EVBox re-designed this new HQ with a few minor adjustments to be future proof. The first reactions after using the office were promising: Job Karstens, Head of PR & Event Marketing stated: “It will be hard to decide where to spend my time between the many green areas, coffee bars, informal meeting places, phone booths, meditation space, and ping-pong room!”