THE BRIDGE | Amsterdam

Architect: DAM & PARTNERS 

Interior Architect: x

Green Architect: MOSS

Location: Amsterdam

Design Year: 2022

Construction Year: 2022-2023

Project: Biophilic design in the interior, green roofs, and rooftop terraces

Parties involved:  Caransa Groep 

Photo credits: x


At Paasheuvelweg 22, in the South East part of Amsterdam, two high rise building blocks are being build. Where the squared volumes are seemingly locked, the building blocks are visually disconnected by using different type of materializations. The terracotta coloured tower will house 162 appartments, the titanium white tower provides 9.600m2 of office space. Thirdly a smaller wooden building block is added at the front side. Alltogether providing a mix of housing, work and social functions to create a more vibrant environment. MOSS was asked to design the green landscaping of these building blocks.