Interior Gardens

Green Architect: MOSS

Location: Amsterdam

Construction Year: 2018

Project: Biophilic design in the interior

Parties involved:  CBRE Design 


“Design agency MOSS recently took the first step, together with and CBRE Design, in an innovative way of greening the work environment with the delivery of the Booking Bank Building at the Herengracht in Amsterdam. This is the first project in a series of new buildings in Amsterdam, including the future ‘Booking Campus’ next to Amsterdam Central Station. has one goal with its diverse team of 17,000 employees: ‘to empower people to experience the world’. However, they also want to realize this ‘experience’ within their own offices, to get their employees involved, for example by integrating greenery in their buildings.”


The first and fourth floor of The Bank was transformed into ‘the workplace of the future’ and green made a major contribution to this new design. The objective was to place at least 1 plant per employee following the themes ‘Flexibility’, ‘Feel at home’, ‘Creativity’, and ‘Health’.


That plants contribute to a healthy working environment is no longer news! Plants can increase employees’ productivity by 15%. challenged MOSS and CBRE Design to integrate the green in an innovative way within their premises on the Herengracht. The employees can actually escape in one of the ‘mini oases’, because surrounded by green they can recharge for their new meeting. Due to the large variation in plants, about 87% of the toxic substances from new materials can be reduced within 24 hours.


By testing new office environments this way, green can be applied in a proper way in the future Booking Campus. This new campus building is planned to open in 2022. MOSS has been appointed ‘Head of Green’ to guide the architects to apply green properly in the new 60,000 m2 campus.