Interior Gardens

Goal: Rebranding 25KV

Architect: Mei Architects and Planners

Location: Rotterdam

Design Year: 2020

Planned Construction Year: 2022

Project: Green lung

Parties involved:  Dudok Real Estate


With its reputation for modern architecture and hosting the largest port in Europe, Rotterdam has not been traditionally associated with nature and wellbeing, but that is all about to change. People suddenly look at Rotterdam in a new context of health and realize greenery in the city has value and importance.


The Schiecentrale, the former power station, was first running in the 1950s and has since been transformed and expanded into a multifunction building with offices, apartments, event space, parking and retail. 


25KV, the former transformer building, has been revamped into a business center for the young and creative industry. Mei Architects and Planners turned the solid box into a transparent structure in the early 2000s by removing one blank facade and replacing it with steel and glass. Until now, the function of this glass facade served as a vertical plaza that encouraged office workers to come out of their offices to access the day-lit pantries.    


Fast forward 20 years later, and MOSS has been invited by Dudok Real Estate to enliven this space with a vigorous green lung. From being an exclusively practical space, the green lung now becomes the office’s common garden where everyone can meet and stay. Here is room for active collaboration with colleagues, and the possibility for a quiet cup of coffee. During the workday, all the different small niches in the green lung are in use.


The green lung has a huge impact on its surroundings, for it is seen as a mosaic of green alcoves full of lively activities that take place. Passerbyers now look up to a facade full of yards where plantings tell a story about a green oasis behind the glass.


Sustainability and wellbeing have been the key points throughout the project. A high degree of reuse and a focus on building upon existing qualities resulted in harvesting materials back into the new design. In terms of wellbeing, it has been important to realize this green lung with room for differentiation, so that different needs are considered while creating opportunities for social interaction, community, and connection to nature.