Sligro HQ

Design, Interior Green, LEAF
About This Project

Client: Sligro Food Group
Location:Veghel, The Netherlands
Year: 2019
Project: Sligro HQ
Collaboration: Hydrozorg, Van Leiden Interieur B.V.


Sligro Food Group consists of food service companies that focus directly and indirectly on the Dutch food market. Sligro Food Group has opened its new office doors for 600 employees in September 2019. With the look and feel of zen, repetition, and scale, a green office is designed for the 2-story office of 11,600 m2.


For the best result of the space, robust green designs become a part of the interior architecture. With MOSS, we have been asked to play a role in the process for the the green layer with a modular approach. We used the tropical tray system from LEAF to turn steel and wood frames into living gardens.