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About This Project

Client: Lidl Nederland GmbH
Location: Huizen, The Netherlands
Year: 2020
Project: Lidl Office
Collaboration: CBRE


The Lidl Workplace Concept is about meeting, connecting, and focusing in the foresight of both flexibility and growth.


Studies from Harvard and Exeter show how with the introduction of plants, work spaces boost in employee engagement, increased concentration levels and improved air quality. In view of Lidl’s workplace, MOSS aims to create a a green environment which can positively influence the health, well-being and productivity of members of the Lidl Campus in Huizen.

The campus building extends from the ground to the 3rd floor, with approximately 573 workplaces over 13,000 m2.


Turning employee lockers into lush gardens is a prime green intervention at the Lidl office. We also incorporated hanging gardens along the mezzanine, park-like atrium, and a lush meeting-room-greenhouse. We let the simplicity of straight lines and rhythm formulate our design choices. Our key theme is for the green layer to be a connection point in shared spaces.


Working with a special color palette design by CBRE, we were able to tie in special indoor plantings with leaf colors from red to yellow to grey-blue.