La Place Nijmegen

Landscape Design, Urban Farming

Green Architect: MOSS

Location: Nijmegen

Construction Year: 2018

Project: Rooftop terrace

Parties involved:  Jumbo, Hydrozorg

Construction:  De Koninklijke Ginkelgroep

Photo credits: MOSS & Stan Knol


The well-known La Place restaurant opened a new location in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. On top of this building, MOSS designed a rooftop terrace that overlooks the city center of Nijmegen and the Waal river. This rooftop terrace is filled with fresh herbs that people can use to spice up their dish or to enjoy a fresh natural tea. Next to that other green interventions are added to enhance biodiversity in this grey city center landscape. The goal of La Place was to escape the busy streets and relax in a green oasis for a quick lunch, a drink, or good company.