Heineken NL

Design, Interior Green, Urban Farming
About This Project

Client: Heineken Netherlands
Location: Lorentz Building Leiden, The Netherlands
Year: 2020
Project: Heineken Netherlands Office
Collaboration: CBRE Netherlands


The new commercial headquarters of Heineken Netherlands will move into 5,300 m2 of office space in a new property, De Lorentz, at the start of 2020. 400 employees will move into this new hub. The property has a Breeam Very Good Label and is located right next to Leiden CS.


CBRE has acted on behalf of Heineken in the rental process and has developed a design concept for the office areas named : Heineken City. Green spaces are an integral part of city planning, as the benefits of nature on our wellbeing are unassailable.


“…the enjoyment of scenery employs the mind without fatigue and yet exercises it, tranquilizes it and yet enlivens it; and thus, through the influence of the mind over the body, gives the effect of refreshing rest and reinvigoration to the whole system.” (Olmsted, 1865.)


Biophilia is our biological connection to nature. In biophilic design, we seek to boost this connection in order to capitalize on the physical, psychological and physiological health benefits brought about by re-linking ourselves to nature. At MOSS, we have been asked to play a role in the process for biophilic solutions at Heineken Netherlands.


Prominently in the atrium of the building, MOSS has designed a City Park for Heineken City. This indoor garden is a quiet escape from the busy city. With trees soaring above, we’ve turned this space into a Green Lung for the workplace.


With our sister-company HRBS we’re bringing in fresh and ready to harvest tea plants. Employees can harvest their own energizing herbal tea!


Also in the office spaces we’ve designed hanging green elements, green cabinets, green dividers and plenty of flexible planted pots to make a cosy feeling in the interior. All of the elements together equal the Green Line, where plants are a focus point within the spaces.